Eugenia Thomsen
Doula e Hipnoparto

Marca personal - Branding

Personal branding portrait photography:

It is my small part in this world to help others to help and improve life for others:

Eugenia Thomsen, Doula and Hypnobirthing, is that kind of person a a great and beautiful heart always looking to help other people.

I really recommend you to get in touch with her and know more about her amazing work.


Eugenia Thomsen - Doula e Hipnoparto


21 de Febrero 2024


Marca personal
Personal Branding

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"Toma control de tu IMAGEN con retratos de marca personal"

Baptiste PEIRO

"“I want people to look at their personal branding and see an image that’s really attractive and just something that would make you want to work with this person.”

Sue Bryce

“Fotografiar es colocar la cabeza, el ojo y el corazón en un mismo eje.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson