Hitomi Iwata

Golden Winter in Málaga

Natural Light Session - Street Sesion

Golden Winter in Málaga
Hitomi Iwata

In the heart of winter, where the sun kisses the earth with a gentle warmth, Málaga transforms into a city of golden allure. It's not just the radiant sun or the shimmering sands that sparkle, but every corner of this magical city seems to be touched by Midas himself. Amidst this enchanting backdrop, we captured Hitomi Iwata, an epitome of grace and elegance.

Adorned in Sandra Cabrera’s luxurious golden makeup, Hitomi mirrors the ethereal glow of Málaga. Every stroke of the brush, every speckle of glitter is a tribute to the city’s mesmerizing sunsets and its starlit nights. The makeup doesn’t just adorn Hitomi; it merges with her soul, making her one with Málaga’s mystical aura.

As you gaze upon this visual symphony of beauty and elegance, let yourself be transported to Málaga - a city where dreams aren’t just made but lived. Every street is poetry; every breeze carries tales of romance and glamour. In this golden winter embrace between nature and artistry lies an untold story waiting for you - come live your dream in magnificent Málaga.


Hitomi Iwata


25 de Enero 2024


Beauty / Fashion portrait

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